5 Things That Women’s Find Attractive in Men | Behaviour Extremely Attractive to Women!!!

His face is really attractive but what if his personality isn’t good. I just hope he is the gentleman, yea you heard it right, women often discuss this among themselves.

There are many such behaviour and psychology traits that women find attractive, so let’s keep the stereotypical good look aside, and what women actually fine attractive in men.

#1 Selflessness


Most women prefer this factor, because they want to see how much you value your partner. If you talk about long term relationship, then women are attracted to a man who is generous and selfless over someone who is vain.

They find this thought very attractive that someone somewhere will go out and have our back anytime they need it.
And it’s not all, selflessness also promote healthy communication, healthy arguments, love, growth and intimacy.

#2 Humour


This is one factor that can beat al the other factors, because if you have a good sense of humour the it is way above physical appearance, for women as it indicates how you’ll handle a difficult situations if the going gets tough.

“Jeffery Hall” A lead researcher explained 4 idea’s as why is humour so important and they are

  • It point’s towards a sociable and agreeable personality.
  • It helps people to gauge if a relationship might work.
  • It’s now become a universally recognised part of courtship.
  • It act as a “Pathway” to deepening a relationship.

So, if you meet someone who you can laugh with it’s possible that your future relationship with them is going to be fun and filled with goos cheer.

#3 Passion


Now, when we say passion, it doesn’t mean that women only prefer a passionate lover, but they are attracted to men who have a passion fo something that they are really into.

They relate in a way that if you’re passionate about your goal/career or whatever that you want to achieve then your approach in other situations will also be the same.

Physical infatuation work for a short period of time but the intellectual connection between two people is what keep a relationship going for long run.

#4 Being A Gentleman


You didn’t can a gentleman man, when you pull the chair for your love in a restaurant or when you open a car door for her. But it is also about basic manners. By how you treat people around you, how you treat your elders and about being genuinely respectfull.

Everything else is part and parcel but she genuinely notice, how sincere, honest, supportive and courteous your are and weather you’re listening someone points of view without coming to a conclusion.

There is nothing more special and more interesting than acknowledging other people’s ideas and efforts.

#5 A Feminine Side


This word may sound very confusing, because over the year, the word feminine has been misinterpreted. (People associate it with being weak) but it rather the opposite, while the stereotype suggest that women love men who don’t show there emotions, in reality women prefer men who find absolutely normal to be emotionally vulnerable and supportive.

Be it applying a perfume, staying well groomed or help them in kitchen they prefer men who exhibit confidence without bing over powered by the mals ego. Romantic attraction is very complicated because women choice are ever changing, sometimes they like something and other time they like other things.

But one thing is sure, that if someone prefers a long term relationship then they look for these traits first over physical appearance. How you look keep on changing with every passing year but what remains is how much you care about each other’s and take there stand in difficult situations.

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