Farzi review: Shine bright in this Hindi web series of Raj and DK; Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi.

Amazon Prime Video has once again come up with a crazy web show called Farzi. Starring some extremely talented actors like Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Kay Kay Menon, and Raashi Khanna in pivotal roles, the show is currently available for streaming. So let’s see how it is.
Farzi Review:
A show that explores financial terrorism through fake currency, set in the post-demonetisation era. Amazon Prime Video web series starring Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Amol Palekar and Raashi Khanna, directed by Raj and DK.

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Farzi prime video release date : 10 February 2023
Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupaathi, Kay Kay Menon, Rashi Khanna, Bhuvan Aroraa, Zaakir Hussain, Chittaranjana Giri, Amol Palekaar, Regina Cassandra, Kavya Thapaar
Director: Raj & DK
Producer: D2R Films
Music Director: Ketan Sodha
Editor: Sumeet Kotian
Cinematography: Pankaj Kumar
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Biggiebuzz.com Rating: 3.3/5


(Shahid Kapoor) Sandeep aka Sunny is a small-time sketch artist. Sunny’s (Shahid Kapoor) grandfather runs a printing press for his revolutionary magazine Kranti, and is about to shut down due to huge debts owed to Sunny’s grandfather. Left with no choice, Sunny and his friend Firoz (Bhuvan Arora) start designing counterfeit notes. Mansoor Dalal (KK Menon), the kingpin of the counterfeit note world, notices Sunny’s mastery and makes him a part of his business. On the other hand, the fiery task force officer Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) is determined to eliminate counterfeit currency in India. Michael deploys a separate team for Sunny and his friend, and Megha (Raashi Khan) is a part of it. Will Michael be able to achieve his mission? How did this illegal business change Sunny’s (Shahid Kapoor) life? Watch the show on Amazon Prime to know the answers.

Farzi webseries: (Image Credit: Prime video)

Plus Points of Farzi review:


When a web series or a film is made with a bunch of actors, it becomes difficult to strike a balance between all the characters. But DK & RAJ (Director & Producer of webseries) have been highly successful in this aspect. Every character appearing in the fake webseries has got importance. Be it the henchman in Kay Kay Menon’s (Mansoor Dalal) gang or the woman who wants to separate from her lover citing his socioeconomic status, each character has its own purpose and relevance.


Vijay Sethupathi (Micheal) is an ocean of talent and the actor once again delivers a stellar performance in the show. He is very intense as the task force officer, and if any other actor had played it, the effect could not have been better than Vijay Sethupathi’s. His comedy timing in the webseries will surely give you goosebumps. Vijay Sethupathi’s (Micheal) scenes with the Union Minister entertained a lot. Everyone is happy to see his antics and mannerisms.

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Shahid Kapoor (Sunny) knocked it out of the park. Shahid kapoor is the soul of Farzi, and around whom the enter plott revolvs. Be it comedy, emotion, action and romance, the actor gave it his all. Shahid kapoor hairstyle and looks terrific in the show, and he surely will get terrific applause for his acting by his fans. Moreover, the makers have touched upon a few social elements through Shahid kapoor character. Special mention to Bhuvan Arora (Firoz), who played Shahid’s buddy.


Raashii Khanna (Megha) plays a very crucial role and she is stunning in it. She got more scope to perform, and the actress was apt in the best role. Mansoor Dalal (Kay Kay Menon) is good as the baddie. The cat and mouse game that runs between the Police and the gangsters will keep us hooked for the most part and They are well-written with logic.


The scene where Shahid kapoor and his gang break out into a paper factory for robbery is hilarious. Not just one, there are a lot of such delightful scenes in this web series.The action part is also nicely conceived with style in Farzi.

Farzi webseries: (Image Credit: Prime video)

Minus Points of Farzi review:

The process has been very long. This excessive length will due your effect many times over. At times the series slowed down considerably, and the editing team could even reduce the length to enhance the viewing experience. The mid-section of the series is a bit heavy and could have been better designed as well. The use of language and the presence of excessive violence in several places may be disturbing to some.

Technical Aspects:

The background score by Ketan Sodha is very great and also is the case with Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography in web series Farzi. Raj & Dk have spent a bomb on the web series and it is very clearly show in many frames. Farzi Telugu dubbing version is very good.


Overall, Farzi is going to keep you hooked. And this web series has great performances, good writing, stylish action scenes and comedy as its advantages. Barring the length and the occasional slow pace, the ending is a good watch.

Farzi webseries: (Image Credit: Prime video)

Farzi Review: Direction

Raj and DK’s always been top-notch in political-crime dramas. The makers kept the characters a little gray with some human emotions and interesting twists and turns in the web series. The writers have done a great job in the series with an engaging storyline and punchy dialogues.


Farzi starring Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi is packed with all the elements that a narrative and plot demands. Well, Farzi is quite apt and a perfect pick for the weekend, especially if you are a fan of Shahid Kapoor or Vijay Sethupathi.

Watch the FARZI – Official Trailer | Raj & DK | Shahid, Sethupathi, Kay Kay, Raashii | Prime Video India.

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