8 Hollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Are Also ‘Youtubers’

There are some youtubers that have already begun to make the leap to movies or series. But there is also the opposite side: established actors who in recent years have decided to open their YouTube channels, either to promote movies or to talk about their lives.

Some examples: Brie Larson, Captain Marvel, gives advice on how to stay fit or how to relax; the comic actor Jack Black tries to make gameplays , but in the end he usually goes for peteneras; Will Smith decided to cover a colonoscopy that was done…

Are you already bored by the Youtube channels you have subscribed to? Well, here are 8 unique channels: all of them have been created by famous actors and actresses. Some post videos about their personal lives, others promote their movies, and in some cases they even started ideas that will become official series.

#1 Jack Black

At the end of December 2018, the comic actor Jack Black surprised gamers with the birth of his YouTube channel Jablinski Games , in which he would theoretically perform gameplays . And at first it was, with guests like Karen Gillan playing the Crash Bandicoot remake , her childhood game From Him.

But little by little his “sorry no games today” excuse turned into a meme and eventually Jablinski Games has become a medley channel . A good example is his visit to the Disney parks for his birthday:

#2 Ryan Reynolds

Actor Ryan Reynolds uses his YouTube channel to promote his movies or projects. What’s more: his first videos of him were intended to promote the Deadpool movie , when it was not yet known that a superhero movie with adult content could succeed.

One of his most popular videos, Becoming Pikachu , explains his obsession levels to really understand his starring role in the Detective Pikachu movie.

#3 Brie Larson

The famous Captain Marvel commented in the first video of her channel (opened at the end of 2020) that she has always felt grateful for the youtuber community , since in this network you can find guides, tutorials and tips for almost everything. So she decided to return the favor with a series of videos ranging from how to train your body to talks on topics like friendship .

And since Larson is a gamer , they couldn’t miss geeky moments like helping Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie in the Marvel movies) not be so bad in Fortnite.

#4 Russell Brand

Surely you know this actor for being Jason Segel’s love rival in the popular comedy Paso de ti ( Forgetting Sarah Marshall in its original title). And if you’ve seen Gru ‘s movies in their original version, he plays Doctor Nefario.

What you may not know is that this British actor has been regularly maintaining a YouTube channel since 2007 focused on highlighting controversial news and trying to clarify the truth about the matter. For example, he often highlights statements by Edward Snowden that the media may have missed.

#5 Rainn Wilson

“Soul Pancake covers the university of the human experience. We are dreamers, mischief makers, artists, activists and innovators with the power to change the world for the better.” It may be hard for you to believe that behind this humanistic Youtube channel is Dwight, one of the most extravagant characters from the comedy The Office.

Soul PancakeNot only is it updated practically daily, but it has been active since August 2008 and already has more than 700 million views. Although in principle it relied heavily on the figure of Wilson, the channel soon found its mission: to create content that motivates or makes viewers think.

#6 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

It was inevitable that an actor with such a huge personality like The Rock would end up creating a YouTube channel to explain more about himself and the people around him. He uploads at least one video a month and these usually focus on his movies, promotions or directly on his charisma.

#7 Will Smith

You may have unknowingly walked into Will Smith’s channel when you saw the meeting he hosted on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If you are a fan of the actor , in his videos you will learn more about his hobbies, his family, friends or private moments such as a colonoscopy that was done. He has also taken the opportunity to confess bad decisions like that time he rejected the leading role in that film?Minor? known as Matrix .

#8 Jason Momoa

The current Aquaman has a YouTube channel whose essence has changed over time. It started as a way to promote the premiere of Aquaman , but little by little it became a vlog where the actor explained his hobbies and interests.

Little by little he began to direct some of his videos and that has led to his latest content being promotions with video camera brands. A pity that he has forgotten the more personal side, such as the surprise celebration of his birthday.

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