8 Makeup Tips And Tricks For People With No Prior Experience – 2023

Never use makeup to cover up flaws; instead, use it to enhance your personality and boost your confidence. However, applying makeup correctly is essential if you want to gain confidence from it because doing so can turn you into a laughingstock.

Another craft that calls for patience and focus is makeup. An expertly applied makeup can boost your self-assurance, while hastily applied cosmetics might make you look foolish. Simply because they are unfamiliar with the proper procedure, many people are hesitant to apply makeup.

However, sometimes you have to start from scratch. For these people, we are providing some crucial details on various beauty products, the proper technique to apply them, and some incredible insider tips and tricks.

#1 Primer Tips

Primer Tips

In order to achieve uniformity and flawlessness in your makeup, primer is a crucial component. Many individuals believe that they do not need to use primer if their skin is healthy and beautiful, but this is untrue. Primer is a crucial step in the beauty process since it makes your makeup last longer.

Your primer and foundation should match; if your foundation is oil-based, then choose an oil-based primer, and if your foundation is water-based, then choose a water-based primer.

Because the sides of your eyes, mouth, and nose are where makeup first starts to look cakey, add a little additional primer there. Additionally, you will be able to conceal the delicate lines of these sections in this method.

Apply your foundation after mixing your primer if you like a less made-up appearance.

After using the primer, wait 10 minutes before beginning to apply foundation. The foundation will be simpler to combine in this manner.

If you don’t have foundation, you can use aloe vera gel as a primer by mixing it with some moisturiser. Some brands of after-shave lotion can also be used in place of primers.

#2 Foundation Tips

Foundation Tips

The most crucial component of any cosmetic appearance, foundation can make or ruin your entire look. Your entire appearance can be ruined by using the wrong shade or improper application of foundation. Due to this, extreme caution must be exercised both in the selection and application of the foundation.

Apply a less-than-high level of logic in the case of the foundation. Apply a small amount of foundation to the face and only repeat as necessary to avoid cakey makeup.

Don’t forget to cover the area around your ears and throat when applying foundation because it might look quite odd and, no matter how natural your makeup is, it will open up all of your poles.

Always apply foundation on the face from the top to the bottom and from the inside out.

Use your fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender to apply foundation; never massage them; instead, pat the foundation into the skin; otherwise, you won’t obtain a smooth finish.

Never commit these foundation blunders if you want the ideal makeup look.

#3 Concealer Tips

Concealer Tips

You can forget about applying perfect and smooth makeup without concealer if your beauty kit isn’t comprehensive. This is the Brahmastra that you use to cover up minor facial pigmentation, discolouration, or spots.

Always choose a shade lighter than your foundation, meaning that your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation’s skin tone.

Make a triangle with concealer under the eyes to cover the dark circles.

Concealer should always be used before foundation.

The majority of individuals prefer to mix concealer with their fingers, however using the beauty blender’s pointed end produces a better result.

The concealer can also be used as an eye primer, allowing your eye shadow to stand out more.

#4 Powder Tips

Powder Tips

First of all, understand that there is a difference between your compact and translucent loose powder and these two are not the same thing. It is also known as setting powder. Loose powder helps set up your makeup, absorbs excess oil from your face and helps give makeup a matte look. At the same time, pressed powder or compact is used to give makeup touch-ups from time to time and to absorb oil or shine on the face.

Always use loose translucent powder to set makeup that has no color. This will not affect the finish of your makeup.

Use the thickest and fluffy brush in your kit to apply loose powder.

After taking the powder on the brush, shake it lightly so that the extra powder falls from the brush.

Apply a little more powder to the areas of your face that have more oil and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then lightly wash it with the help of a brush.

These makeup tips will be very useful for those with dry skin

#5 Blush Tips

Blush Tips

Although adding blush is entirely optional, it gives your face a lovely flushed and rosy appearance. To look like a lovely angel instead of a joker, you must use it correctly and in the right quantity for this to be achievable. Nowadays, a lot of individuals choose cheek tint over blush, although blush is a superior choice for complete or heavy makeup application.

To achieve a natural-looking flushed appearance on the face, it is crucial to choose the appropriate blush. Not everyone looks good in the same blush. Pinch your cheeks two or three times. Take a blush that matches the colour of your cheeks next.

Light pink is best for pale complexion, peachy pink is best for medium skin, dark pink is best for dusky skin, and orange blush is best for dark skin.

Always apply blush before foundation for a more natural appearance; this will prevent your makeup from looking too thick and cakey.

Avoid shimmery blush, especially if your skin is sensitive and prone to acne or if your pores are wide.

Always mix the blush by sweeping it from the cheeks’ bulging side away from the ear.

#6 Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner Tips

Although using eyeliner is a very personal option that you are free to forego, professionally applied liner may significantly enhance the beauty of your eyes. However, the improper eyeliner can ruin a flawless makeup application.

If you want eyes that are large and youthful like those of actors and actresses, tighten them; in other words, use liner inside the eyes rather than on the eyelids.
Dots on the lashline should be added before liner if, like most people, your hands shake as you apply it.

If your pencil liner isn’t producing a smooth, dark finish, hold it over the flame for a few seconds, then remove it and use it. You’ll get a finish with a silky gel liner as a result.

After applying the liner, cover it with powder to prevent smudging.

#7 Lipstick Tips

Lipstick Tips

No one can argue that a makeup look is complete without lipstick. Lipstick has the power to instantly alter your appearance. Nobody can dispute the significance of lipstick, whether it’s bold, subtle, glossy, or matte.

Concealer can be used to neatly and beautifully accentuate the curve of your lips by lining your lips.
Lip liner and lipstick should always be the same colour; otherwise, it might act as a major cosmetic blending tool.

After applying lipstick, wrap a tissue paper over the lips and use a brush to lightly dust on loose powder to keep the makeup in place for a long period.
In the summer, store your lipsticks in the refrigerator.

Lipstick should always be applied starting in the middle and working outward.

Make a ‘O’ shape with the lips after applying lipstick, insert your thumb there, and pull the shape out. Your thumb will still be covered in all the additional lipstick.

#8 Bonus Tips

Bonus Tips

Never share your makeup with others as this might lead to a variety of skin illnesses.

Maintaining regular brush and beauty blender cleanings will ensure that even the greatest cosmetics can offer you a faultless appearance.

Sort your makeup supplies correctly. Incorrect product placement might significantly alter your final appearance.

When doing makeup, try to use natural light. If this isn’t possible, apply makeup under white light. In yellow light, your skin tone and cosmetics may appear radically different.

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