INTENSE COLD: What To Do To Feel Better When Low Temperatures Affect You!

Do you not enjoy the cold and feel that it leaves you without wanting to do anything? It’s not your thing, it’s that the coolest months of the year take their toll on our psychological state.

We complain about how cold it is, but if it isn’t cold in January, when will it be? As announced by the AEMET, the temperatures will be low throughout this week and may remain so as the days go by, dropping even more in the middle of the week, between Wednesday and Thursday.

In definitive accounts; that the days will continue to be gray and it is expected that it will even snow in some parts of the country. But beyond the low temperatures that will accompany us in the coming days and that leave us practically frozen and with little desire to go out, the cold affects us psychologically.

Yes, it is true that many people love winter, wearing coats, a hat, a scarf and endless layers to take to the streets, but in general terms, and as psychologists admit, the icy and frozen atmosphere of these months they make a dent in many people.

And, in fact, it is one more demonstration that mind and organism are part of the same thing.

How Does The Cold Affect Us?

When asked if we can counteract the cold so that it affects us less, the experts at Avance Psicólogos answer that “only in part.” Apparently, the cold has an effect on our way of thinking, feeling and behaving, such as feeling more distrustful: Some studies determine that, before the cold, we appear more closed and distant.

The reason why this psychological phenomenon occurs is unknown, but it may have to do with a strategy of saving the body. According to what they say, one of the particularities of this phenomenon is that we tend to imitate the body language of others, so if someone is very cold and appears dry, we will unconsciously copy it.

Another singularity is that we are less creative. From Avance Psicólogos they warn that all those who have to do with unconventional ways of reasoning and seeking associations between concepts are going to get complicated. Basically because our interest is focused on not feeling so cold… Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to be creative.

As you can imagine, the coldest seasons of the year are the ones that increase the incidence in people with depression . Since there is little light in cold places, Seasonal Affective Disorder can appear.

And despite all this, the cold helps to sleep better: «If you can, a while before going to sleep, take a shower with water that is a little cooler than what you usually put in winter, so when you get to bed it will be It is easier to sleep when you feel that you are very comfortable inside, without feeling cold, ”the psychologists say.

What to Eat If We Are Cold

When we are cold we fancy hot dishes and especially spoons: a soup, a cream of vegetables, stewed lentils… but we must attend to the presence of certain nutrients for the perfect functioning of our metabolism .

Dr. Laura I. Arranz, professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Sciences and Gastronomy at the University of Barcelona, ​​says that this requires vitamins such as A, C and E, beta-carotene, polyphenols, selenium or magnesium .

To have this contribution, we can, we must eat foods of plant origin, especially fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts», says the expert.

As the nutritionist says, zinc also has a fundamental role in maintaining our defenses. “Zinc deficiency, which affects 20% of the world’s population, is associated with a decreased immune system.” We will find this mineral in meat, fish , shellfish such as clams, seeds such as pumpkin , brewer’s yeast or spinach.

It is also important to eat foods rich in omega-3 (such as fish) and fiber, such as whole grains and legumes. To include these foods in our diet, there is nothing better than using seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are richer than ever.

At the beginning of the year, vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, chard or celery are at their best. You can also take the opportunity to include thistle, cauliflower or spinach in your recipes. It is the perfect time to buy fruits like kiwis or oranges.

Do Sports In The Cold?

Once again, the cold also affects our mood to play sports… Who wants to go running in these temperatures? Well, the truth is that we must not only overcome laziness because sport is stimulating and very healthy in our day to day, but also because doing sports in the cold has even more benefits than if we do it in summer.

By training in low temperatures your immune system will be strengthened, in addition to freeing or ventilating your mind from the daily stress of training outdoors. We will also improve our immune system, and when we go out to train abroad, we will have vitamin D present naturally, without the need to look for it in pills or artificially”, explains Roberto Crespo, from Zagros Sports.

Pedro Bianco, personal trainer, shares his opinion: “It is more productive for the body to train at low temperatures than at high temperatures.” In other words: With the cold, the body has to adapt, and in doing so, it generates more blood pressure, which causes energy expenditure, which in turn generates body heat.

Another of the most important benefits? Training in the cold, even if it seems otherwise, improves your mood. So much effort makes us end up happy for the exercise we have done.

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