Why Some People Cry For No Reason: Depression Or Anxiety?

We don’t like to cry and we prefer to laugh, of course, but one is just as important as the other.

Crying is a behavior generally associated with the emotion of sadness , although it can also appear due to emotions such as anger, fear , anxiety or joy. As Laura Fuster indicates, many people who go to her Psychology Center in Valencia and online tell them that they cry frequently and don’t know why.

In other words, they do not associate it with a specific situation but rather “it can happen that they are walking down the street and start crying or while they are relaxing at home”.

For this reason, and as explained by the psychologist, they think that their crying does not correspond to any cause. The truth is that, although we do not associate crying with what we are doing at the moment, there is usually a reason for crying, even if it is not very obvious.

When we evaluate the case more thoroughly, we can detect that the person is indeed experiencing processes that generate stress or sadness.

Perhaps they are not very obvious to her, but they cause her discomfort that is released in this way, “he explains. That is, crying can help us and act as an emotional regulator , lowering our tension and the intensity of what we feel.

Why We Cry?

The reasons can be very diverse and Laura Fuster identifies five:

Anxiety – Sustained periods of stress over time can cause recurrent crying to appear.

Depression – The sadness maintained over time makes us cry even in situations that seem to make no sense…

Unresolved Issues – There may be experiences from the past that we think are over and are manifested through crying

Duel – Symptoms of depression associated with a loss such as a death in the family or a breakup

Change Processes – Changes bring out many emotions. Situations such as a job or home change can cause crying to appear for no reason.

For this to stop happening, the cause of the crying must first be detected. As Fuster commented, “if the person goes through a period in which they cry frequently, it is usually due to a reason.” In some we need help to be aware of where the discomfort comes from and remedy it:

Work thoughts – Once we know the origin of the crying, we must specify the associated thoughts and work on them since they will be irrational beliefs or unresolved problems.

Acceptance – It is also important to accept that crying is part of life and in some cases it is a healthy mechanism for us. “In this case we will work on thoughts like ‘crying is for the weak’ or ‘if they see me cry I will make a fool of myself'”, he adds.

Self Care – When we go through a process of anxiety or sadness, it is important to increase self-care and pleasant activities.

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